Akitaku*Kikaku is a Japanese doujin circle to which Taku-Hiraku and Akizuka, Akira belong.
We, Akitaku*Kikaku, mainly self publish manga doujinshis that contain sexual expression between men.

Doujinshis by Akitaku*Kikaku

Doujinshi List (in Japanese)
*This page is a mail order catalogue of doujinshis for residents in Japan and contains works by circles other than Akitaku*Kikaku

Publication Languages

Currently, all Akitaku*Kikaku doujinshis are published only in Japanese, but we are considering publishing the English version of them. We will keep you informed of this issue on our webpage as we make progress.

Where to purchase Akitaku*Kikaku doujinshis

You can purchase Akitaku*Kikaku doujinshis at doujinshi fairs or from online doujinshi stores. (You may directly purchase our doujinshis by mail order through our website, but this method is only for those who can follow the guideline written in Japanese. Also, shipping from our website is domestic only.)

Doujinshi Fairs

We, Akitaku*Kikaku, join doujinshi fairs in Tokyo and sell our doujinshis twice to five times a year. This is a general guideline for those who visit our booth. As for the rules and manners at a doujin event venue, please refer to the official information the fair organizer releases as well.


A large number of people get together at a doujin event venue. If you worry that you may be sick, please make your final decision of joining or not joining the event by considering the risk that not only may your action worsen your condition but make other people sick.

Age Restriction & Age Confirmation

The contemporary Japanese law prohibits one from showing and/or selling mature content to minors under 18. If the staff of Akitaku*Kikaku suspects that such minor attempts to purchase doujin books or goods with mature content at our booth in a doujin event, we will ask him or her for official identification that has his or her birthdate on it. This ID check will be conducted even if other circles have already confirmed at their booths that he or she is 18 or over.

Crowd control & Courtesy for neighboring circles

Every time we publish a new dojinshi for an event, we bring enough copies for everyone who will visit our booth. We thus ask you to stay calm and visit our booth when it’s as least crowded as possible.
If you would like to check the contents of our books or purchase them at our booth, please form lines in 2 rows and wait for your turn.
Most doujinshi fairs put booths like shops in a “marché”, and thus the spaces between each of the booths serve as “roads” for all visitors. If you wait to purchase doujinshis in a line at a booth, please keep the space between you and the person before you as minimum as possible without breaking your line in order to avoid blocking others and disturbing the neighboring booths.
Please obey instructions about line forming from the staffs of Akitaku*Kikaku and the doujinshi event.

Consignment sale of works by other circles

Akitaku*Kikaku occasionally sells works by other circles, but this is extremely rare now.
We handle mail order of doujinshis by NODA Gaku-san of Circle “NG”, and Mayugeyama-san of Circle “Mayuge-Saien” on behalf of them. We don’t sell their works at our booth, however, if the 2 circles have their own booths at a doujin event.
We release the complete list of all the doujinshis, including the ones by other circles for consignment sale, the day before an event. We advise you to check out our website for details.

Event Information
We Akitaku*Kikaku exhibit on "Comic Market 96".
Our booth is "B"-01a at WEST 4 hall on the 2nd day (Aug. 10, 2019).
For more detail, please check this entry "コミックマーケット96(2019年夏コミ) 参加詳細" (in japanese).

Mail order via online doujinshi stores (International shipping)

Online bookstore Alicebooks allows you to purchase our doujinshis and have them shipped overseas.
Yet, all the available doujinshis are only 4, and none of them is translated into English.
Please check out Alicebooks Website for details on how to place order and the list of our doujinshis.

Digital doujinshis

Currently, you cannot purchase the digital edition of Akitaku*Kikaku doujinshis overseas.
We’re considering a new service that makes it possible.

Illegally duplicated doujinshis

Every doujinshi published by Akitaku*Kikaku has a price whether the format is paper or digital.
Any of our doujinshis you can obtain free of charge is illegally duplicated. Please NEVER, EVER obtain illegally duplicated doujinshis AND encourage others to do so.
The spread of illegally duplicated doujinshis has NOTHING but BAD EFFECTS on ALL doujin artists’ creation.
If you find a website that uploads illegally duplicated doujinshis, it would be very much appreciated if you could let us know at master@akitaku.com.

Works that have been published by Taku-Hiraku

Taku-Hiraku posts illustrations, sketches and short manga on our website or through SNS. Some of them complete in one volume. There are prototypes of our past doujinshis and spin-offs from them and excerpts from some doujinshis in production. Through these works, we hope you enjoy Taku-Hiraku’s art style and the atmosphere of our doujinshis! :)

Taku-Hiraku is not very good at English and thus may be unable to respond to your feedback right away. We’re sorry about that.